Ulcer Management Solutions

Gaymar Industries, the leading global provider of medical solutions for pressure ulcer and temperature management, today announced the introduction of the Sof•Care® Elite Heel Boot, specifically designed to help caregivers in any healthcare environment prevent and treat all stages of pressure ulcers at the foot, heel and Achilles.

Lightweight, comfortable and pre-inflated to allow for immediate use right out of the package, the Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot completely elevates the heel off the bed surface and floats it on a cushion of air to eliminate heel pressure and protect against pressure ulcer formation.  The Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot has an open design that allows air circulation around the foot while providing easy access to and visibility of the heel.  

The Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot employs Gaymar’s Sof•Care air-channeling technology to provide uncompromising, proven pressure management.  This technology consists of interconnected air cells exchanging air to redistribute weight, resulting in low tissue interface pressures.

To help keep the lower limb cool and comfortable, the Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot has a soft, non-abrasive inner lining that wicks away moisture, and rounded contours promote proper anatomical alignment, stability and comfort.

The Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot has a small opening at the heel optimized to enhance air flow and manage the patient’s microclimate while keeping the heel elevated when the patient’s knees are bent.  Cleaning is easy, since the Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot is made with a durable Nylon exterior that enables resistance-free repositioning and helps reduce shearing.

The Sof•Care Elite Heel Boot is the latest offering in the Sof•Care HeelCare® Boot Series, which also includes the Sof•Care Universal Heel Boot and the Sof•Care Long Heel Boot.  Gaymar also supplies a complete line of Sof•Care mattresses, overlays, and chair cushions.