Benefits Of A Hospital Bed

Generally, hospital beds have a bad rap for being terribly uncomfortable to sleep on. This is why most people, if given the option, would choose to sleep in their regular beds. In some cases, however, having a hospital bed at home can be very useful for adult children who are taking care of their parents at home. Hospital beds, with the addition of those designed specifically for use at home, can give great benefits for care givers and patients.

The five most important benefits of a hospital bed:

  1. Having the ability to adjust head and feet: Especially for patients that have back problems, difficulty breathing, or problems with mobility, being able to change the elevation of head or feet can make the patient feel more comfortable. Having the capability to adjust the head gives the patient the ability to eat meals, read, and watch TV.
  2. Side railings: The addition of side rails to a bed primarily prevents the patient from accidentally rolling out of bed. In addition, rails also give the patient something to grab onto when getting in or out of bed. For those patients that struggle with getting in and out, having rails makes this task much easier.
  3. Adjustable bed height: Having the ability to raise and lower the overall height of the bed gives the caregiver and patient flexibility that can aid in certain circumstances. For patients who have trouble sitting down from a standing position, being able to adjust the bed to the desired height is a great benefit. For care givers, raising the bed to a height that is comfortable to work can alleviate backaches.
  4. Mattress that can be washed: Mattresses for hospital beds are produced using a thick, washable vinyl that can be scrubbed, disinfected, and washed if accidents occur. Because accidents will inevitably occur every now and then, having this capability is another added benefit.
  5. Ease of moving: Because hospital beds are on wheels, it makes it much more easier to move the bed to different locations if needed. Regular beds require much more effort to be moved. Hospital beds give the ability to push the bed to different parts of a room to give room for wheelchairs, commodes, and a variety of medical equipment.

Thinking about comfort: Although hospital mattresses are not the most comfortable mattresses available, the majority of patients do not actually go to sleep on just the mattress. Most use a cushioned pad that is more comfortable and prevents aches. Things like egg crate foam pads, sheepskin, and inflatable air mattresses are types of pads that are used on hospital beds. With the addition of a good-quality mattress pad or topper, a hospital bed can actually be comfortable.