Benefits Of Home Nebulizers

Benefits of Nebulization Treatment

How Nebulizers are Used

Suffering from a respiratory ailment can be frightening, especially for children and immediate treatment is often required. Treatment options include inhalers, medicine, or a nebulizer machine. A nebulizer is a medication delivery system that is used to treat respiratory illnesses by dilating the bronchial pathways. Additionally, the nebulizer machine can dispense antibiotics and other medication that thins mucous.

Benefits of Nebulizers

Because of the way it is administered, a nebulizer has many advantages and benefits compared to other respiratory relief methods such as inhalers, tablets, and liquid medicines. One primary benefit is the ease of use compared to the dry powder of an inhaler and the difficulty of swallowing tablets or liquid medicine. Another benefit of the nebulizer machine is its multi-purpose capability. A nebulizer can be used to treat asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, colds, and nearly any disorder in the lung tissue and can also dispense antibiotics, mucous thinning medication, and a variety of other medicines. A third advantage of the nebulizer over other forms of respiratory relief is that medicine goes directly into the lungs and has an immediate effect. Treatment is well suited for children because the dispensed medicine is simply breathed in by the patient; it does not frighten children, as does "taking medicine" in a liquid or tablet form. Sense it takes effective immediately, the nebulizer reduces the anxiety a child may feel during a respiratory attack such as asthma. Finally, the use of a nebulizer machine can reduce the number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations a patient requires, which serves to ease the expense of having the machine in the home.