Preventing Dementia

Getting together with friends and family is a time to reminisce about good times long ago and near to our hearts, and those times not so far in the past--yesterday and last week. For the estimated 5.4 million living with Alzheimer's Disease(ALZ), and their families, this familiar activity can cause anguish and uncertainty. For those not sure of their mental abilities, anxiety can increase memory loss. Rather than being at the mercy of an unwelcome and insidious enemy, arm yourself with ways to improve the odds of a successful encounter.

Life Style
A passive lifestyle is to retreat. Live an energetic lifestyle full of social interaction and activities that allow you brain to breathe. Try new weapons. Read, do puzzles, participate in a lively argument, write, draw, get your brain firing.

Do not wait for the enemy to catch you. Your brain and your body work together. Build muscle as well as brain cells. Attack your activities with energy, the more activity, the more your brain works. Think of it as fighting off memory loss with every step or stretch.

Why let your troops wither from hunger? Feed them nutritious foods throughout the day. Healthy snacks and fluids keep your brain and muscle from drying out. Do not be afraid to chew and let the taste of your food awake your taste buds. Grocery shop for brain nutrition.

Kill Stress
Make a list of what stresses you. Plan to proceed each day without those activities. Deep breathing, relaxation exercises, soft music or silence can heighten your calm. Remember that your pet can be a soldier in your battle with anxiety.

Shoot for ways to prevent problems and prolong your memory. Enjoy your family times and ties.