Arthritis and Alternative Arthritis Treatment

Damaged Joints Need Your Help 

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Dealing with Arthritis means seeking alternative Arthritis treatment and it can be difficult, but we wanted to provide you with a one stop resource for arthritis home remedies. Getting up in the morning can be a chore but can be down right painful for those with arthritis in hands, feet and major joints. 

Taking pain medication is one of the most popular forms of treatment for arthritis problems but there are some alternative arthritis treatments and home remedies that may be able to decrease or prevent arthritis pain before it starts. 

Preventing Arthritis Pain

Most non medical, alternative arthritis treatment can be beneficial for light to moderate pain but some products and techniques can be used to reduce pain, even with major joint pain. Alternative arthritis treatments might not be prescribed by a physician but they still work. 


Most Effective Pain Reduction Products

1. Capsaicin Cream 

This alternative arthritis treatment is the same chemical that makes your favorite chili HOT!, although it wont burn your skin so don't worry. Capsaicin cream works by reducing the effectiveness of pain receptors, leaving you with a lessened or diminished sense of pain in the applied area. This cream also works well with sore muscles so having it around after hard exercise can be helpful. Its a good options for alternative Arthritis treatments. 

Example Products: Zostrix, Capzasin-P, Generic Store Brand Capsaicin Cream

2. Menthol Based Substances

Menthol can be used to reduce pain but in a different way than Capsaicin Cream. Menthol can be combined with a heat inducer such as the dual action of Icy Hot or other generic brands. Menthol works by overwhelming pain with other sensations such as the cooling effect of mentholated gels and creams. We haven't seen a combination of menthol and Capsaicin Cream but it seems like it would be a good idea for good alternative arthritis treatments. 

Example Products: BioFreeze, Icy Hot, Generic Menthol Cream or Gel 

3. Salicytates

It may sound unfamiliar but you have had used Salicytates as an alternative arthritis treatment before, its a compound found in many types of pain relievers, mainly Aspirin. This substance is found in creams such as Bengay and it has been doing a great job on sore muscles and joints for decades. 

All Salicytates are great alternative arthritis treatments because they work as a pain blocker, attempting to dull the pain before it reaches your brain. So far this has been very effective but be sure to test all topical creams in a small area before broad application, as you may be allergic to certain ingredients. 

Example Products: Bengay, Aspercream, SportsCream, Mobisyl and Flexall 


Pain Reducing Techniques

1. Exercise Your Joints

Make sure you either see a physical therapist and/or do your research. Many specialized exercises will help you keep your arthritis in check. Stretches and joint mobility exercises can more than likely prove to be great a alternative arthritis treatment to reduce pain and increase functionality. 

2. Weight Loss

This is a common reason for excessive foot, knee and hip arthritis. To decrease pain and improve your overall health a good diet and exercise plan must be introduced. The less weight your joints are subjected to, the better off they will be. Maintaining a healthy weight is a great way to prevent arthritis all together so get an early start. It may not be with the alternative arthritis treatments but its a good precaution for overall health. 

3. Wearing The Correct Shoes

Wearing the correct shoes means a world of difference. Heavy exercise and a very active lifestyle will require shoes that are capable of reducing the impact of your busy lifestyle. It would be great if we could always use a bouncy set of cross trainers but most of the time a good compromise is getting a quality pair of insoles for your work shoes.

Correctly fitting shoes has been shown to reduce pain in foot arches, ankles, knees,hips, lower back and even up to your neck. Think of your shoes as shock absorbers. If your shocks fail on your car, the ride gets noticeably more bouncy and rough; the same applies for your body. 

Remember to replace old and worn out shoes and insoles--after they have lost their cushioning ability, they are useless. 

Hopefully you can take some of alternative arthritis treatment tips and use them to reduce or eliminate any joint or arthritis pain. All of these tips and remedies can be purchased without prescription and with a minimal price tag. In fact most can be found at local stores for under $20.