Drinking Water To Get Fit

Drinking Encourages Weight Loss

When we say drinking we don't mean bellying up to the bar, but we do want to talk to you about your belly. Recent testing has been performed to study the affect of water consumption on the average weight of individuals. The final results were surprising but in the end the reasoning made a lot of sense. 

Water Never Tasted So Sweet

Maybe the knowledge that water can help you loose weight changes your thoughts and taste of the unflavored liquid. I like the taste of water but I must admit I like to drink flavored drinks and soda as well. This is something I have tried time and time again to get away from but my body just craves taste. I prefer a lemon or lime in my water, that way I get a little extra flavor and don't add any extra calories.

When Should I Drink Water?

Timing has a huge effect of how water can change your waistline. You should have plenty of water throughout the day as you get thirsty or take part in vigorous activities, but drinking water at certain times does have a benefit on your weight loss. Drinking two 8 oz. glasses of water right before you start eating can help more than any other time during the day.

Drinking Before Meals Helps You In Three Ways

The first is simple, you can only fit so much in your stomach before your body tells you "I've had enough!". The water helps you displace space in your stomach that food would otherwise fill, enabling you eat a little less and still feel satisfied. In fact men and woman who drank two glasses of water before meals ate 75-90 fewer calories per day than their hydrophobic counterparts. 

The second contributor to weight loss is digesting and vitamin absorption. Your body needs water in order to digest much needed vitamins and minerals, so giving your stomach what it wants can help speed up your metabolism, thus burning more calories during the day. 

The Third is a small factor but worth mentioning. When you drink cold water you burn calories whether you know it or not. This goes to the basics of science and is worth about 25-30 calories per ice cold glass of water. When something cold must be warmed up, energy is used. Your body uses stored calories to warm water to a digestible temperature, burning calories in the process. Like I said, its small but it does actually work this way. 

HELPFUL HINT. I've found carrying a metal or plastic bottle during the day helps remind me to drink more water.

The next time you feel like a glass of water don't be afraid to refill it a couple times.