Fun In The Summer Heat

Surviving The Summer Heat

Passes are staring to open, campgrounds are showing some promise and you are ready to get into the great outdoors once again. It’s time to get ready got the activities and heat extremes of summer.

Heat can feel great, as long as it’s not too strong and we burn ourselves, which  happens way too much.

Your Senior Care Network wanted to make sure you were prepared for summer by going over some time saving and health friendly advice in preparing for your next summer outing.

Necessities For Heat

No matter where you are or what you are doing, heat can be a problem. The older you are the more you must pay attention to rising heat, as your body becomes less adapt to dealing with high temperatures.

We want to provide you with the essential for dealing with the sweltering sun.

Preparing For The Heat Of Summer

1. Water and Hydration

Water has hundreds of benefits including weight loss, cooling ability and aiding your digestion. You don’t want to leave home without a nice cool bottle of water to quench your thirst when there is no drinking fountain in sight.  We recommend buying a reusable Stainless Steel bottle, do not mess around with plastics, they grow bacteria more easily and are harder to wash.

2. Stay in the shade

The best way of keeping cool is getting out of direct sun, I don’t mean stay inside. Shade provided by park trees, local paths and trails are perfect for outdoor exercise and relaxation. Once you find a park or trail you love, I bet you will go back hundreds of times.

3. Clothing Choices

The appropriate choice of clothing is priority. Those who think they can beat the heat by wearing skimpy summer fashions are dead wrong. When light hits your skin it directly heats your body so donning a tank top and a pair of daisy dukes might not be the best choice. Choose light breathable materials that cover a adequate amount of your body and feel comfortable, this will keep your skin healthy and cool.

4. Medications and Prevention

Some medications will leave you very vulnerable to heat and the sun, so read prescription labels and contact a doctor if you have questions.

Keep plenty of sunscreen on hand for outdoor excursions and remember to reapply as the day goes on. The sun ages your skin and elevates your chance of certain cancers so be aware of extended exposure.