Monitoring Your Health On The Go

Using Your Phone To Improve Your Health

Your Senior Care Network

Have you ever been asked a health question but really been unable to answer? Well I have. Time after time my doctor had asked me if I have ever had shortness of breath, loss of energy or dizziness and I always say NO. Hours later I remember that, yes indeed I have had those feelings and I wish I had provided my doctor with the much needed information. 

Thankfully there are new tools becoming available that may get rid of my doctors office dilemma.

Health On The Go

The advance of new mobile technology has turned our humble cell phone into an all purpose information center capable of becoming a personal assistant. The smart phone is now making one more jump to becoming a health professional by recording your bodies health status throughout the day. 

The first astronauts in the Apollo program had over 10 different health functions monitored from Earth. This was a huge undertaking and required hundreds of computers and professionals to become possible. Fast forward 50 years and this can be done through the use of a single IPhone, Blackberry or Android device. 

Dream to Device

This technology was once just a dream, only appearing on Sci-Fi  TV shows and Movies, such as Star Trek's devices. These were futuristic devices that were dreamed to come into existence well into the 24th century. We are glad to see these devices are here a couple hundred years early because we need them to tell us what we can't sense or can't remember. 

Doctors Office Assistant

I can only imagine the next time I go to see the doctor armed with my IPhone. He asks me "How have you been feeling, any problems"? I shrug and say "no not really" but then I remember that my phone has been recording all of my health information for the last 2 months, even notes that I had left  correlating with my bio readings at the time. 

My doctor looks at my phone, takes the small memory card and plugs it into his tablet or computer. Instantly, my doctor has an in depth read out of my personal health history. No more using averages of heart rates or basing my activity level on some chart made in the 1960's. My phone can be the key for my doctor to know everything about my health in one acurate snapshot.

Why Should We Use This Tech.

We should be very happy to use this mobile technology because it will allow us to do two things very well.

1. Track our bodies reaction to surroundings

Our bodies reaction can be recorded and analyzed to provide situations and foods that you may want to avoid or times of the day which would be the most beneficial to be active.

Would you want your exercise to be better for you, of course. Well timing your workout in normally biologically slow parts of the day will yield you the best results, just look at your phone and ask it when you should head to the gym. 

2. We can be alerted to possible emergencies

Before we can sense what's happening in our bodies our phone will know. Heart attacks, strokes and seizures all give off small signs before they occur, having a heads up would greatly increase your preparedness and treatment of a terrible situation. 

Future Of Smart Phones

This technology is here but not yet available in a wide variety. Medical applications may be a couple of years out but it gives a whole new meaning of being attached to your phone.