Symptoms of Alzheimer's and Signs of Alzheimers

Getting Ahead of The Game and Taking Action

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We often give advice on avoiding early onset of Alzheimer's or Dementia but we have sometimes overlooked symptoms of Alzheimer's and the process of identifying early signs of Alzheimers disease. ALZ can present itself whether an individual is in an Assisted Living Community, in-home care or Board and Care home. The important thing to remember is identifying ALZ or Dementia so proper Memory Care can than be prescribed. 

1 in every 8 elder individuals suffers from Alzheimers or Dementia and learning how to detect the early onset of these disabilities can make a large difference in the type of care needed. 

What Should You Be Looking For?

1. Withdrawal from activities and relationships

Take note of men and women that seem to stay in the familiarity of private spaces only. Individuals that stay in their rooms and decline communications can be showing the first signs of Alzheimers . Take action to engage these individuals to determine if these are true symptoms of Alzheimer's. 

Appropriate Action : Proactively engage individuals in conversations and group activities, even if they are a bit grumpy. Try a daily routine of activities. 

2. Extreme Memory Loss

Forgetting where you left the keys is just a part of life but forgetting family members' names and faces is debilitating. Major memory loss is a glaring sign of memory loss and onset of dementia. 

Appropriate Action : Observe the integration between well known acquaintances. Forgetting names and former experiences 

3. Spacial and Chronological 

knowing where you are and when activities take place is essential for living a productive life. Loosing these sensory abilities should be paid attention to very closely. Asking time and place questions may seem rudimentary but they are necessary to asses the advancement of ALZ or dementia . 

Appropriate Action : Ask about time frames and which daily activities come in which order. 

4. Mood and Personality Changes 

Drastic changes in the personality of an individual can be an indicator of ALZ and Dementia. Being in a confused and unrecognizable environment would change the mood of anyone. 

Appropriate Action : Observe interactions with family members and close friends. Ask family members if they have noticed any behavioral changes.

 5. Sense of Location and Spacial Relationships 

Sometimes the first sign of memory loss will be a loss of the ability to know where you are in location to other objects or how they arrived at their current location. They may know that they are in their own home but they cannot give you directions to the closest grocery store. 

Appropriate Action : questions that ask how to get to certain locations by turn by turn directions. This can be done in relation to driving or in large housing facilities.