Wedding of a Lifetime

"Out on the edge of the Pacific, on a patio stretching below the swank Ritz-Carlton hotel, the groom smiled nervously. His bride looked radiant, hair encircled with flowers, wedding dress trailing behind as she stepped slowly down the aisle, father at her side.

In most ways, the Saturday fete was like any other wedding. Except one.

The bride is paralyzed from the chest down. But she was able to stride delicately across the bricks because of the ingenuity of the man she was marrying.

This is no ordinary couple, no facsimile of the pair atop the wedding cake.

Janni Smith has not had the use of her legs since 1980, when she was gunned down by a paid assassin seven months after she walked out on her ex-boyfriend. Jerrold Petrofsky is the Irvine-based medical researcher she sought out for help, the man conducting pioneering tests to allow the disabled to walk again.

Smith first became a volunteer in the research project. Later, she and Petrofsky became business partners. And finally, they became husband and wife."

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