BMET Programs

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"As it prepares to launch a new program in Nigeria, Engineering World Health today announced the results of two peer-reviewed evaluations demonstrating the profound impact their Biomedical Engineering Technician (BMET) program has had on the repair of critical medical equipment and technician productivity in the developing world.

"We are thrilled that our BMET program is having a very real impact on access to critical medical equipment in the developing world," said Leslie Calman, PhD, CEO of Engineering World Health. "The results of these two studies indicate that our mission of building sustainable workforces of trained BMETs in-country will increase access to life-saving medical care and higher standards of care for years to come."

Focus on global health often centers on a call for biomedical technology and tools. However, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Engineering, approximately 72% of hospital equipment in sub-Saharan Africa cannot be used for patient care because it is in disrepair, delaying surgical procedures and other critical treatment."

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